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Explanation Vips, Supervips, and Megavips

For users who want to play a lot more on we have introduced vips:
  • Vip is 11,95 euro a year.
  • Vip without banners is 16,95 euro a year.
  • Supervip is 25,95 euro a year.
  • Megavip is 39,95 euro a year.

    If you pay the above amounts, you will have vip status for one year. There are no strings attached. After a year your membership expires, unless you pay again.

    You can find instructions on how to pay on this page. If you want to prolong your membership, mention this with your payment. You can prolong your membership 2-4 weeks in advance.
  • What can a Vip do?

    What a vip can do now:
  • 25 normal games simultaneously.
  • 20 tournaments simultaneously.
  • 20 team games simultaneously.
  • 10 Championships per year.
  • Auto-refresh on overview page.
  • No banners (via profile with extra payment).
  • Game notes.
  • Access the Vip forum.
  • Chess: 'PGN' notation (and saving of move list).
  • More private messages.
  • Save move lists and messages of finished games.
  • RSS feed of games where it is your turn. RSS feed
  • 5 images in photo album.

  • What can a Supervip do?

    What a Supervip can do now:
  • Everything a Vip can do, but more.....
  • 50 normal games simultaneously.
  • 40 tournaments simultaneously.
  • 40 team games simultaneously.
  • 20 Championships per year.
  • No banners (via profile).
  • 20 images in photo album.

  • What can a Megavip do?

    For the real addicted ones, we have Megavip :
  • Everything a Supervip can do, but more.....
  • 100 normal games simultaneously.
  • 80 tournaments simultaneously.
  • 60 team games simultaneously.
  • All Championships.
  • No banners (via profile).
  • 50 images in photo album.

  • Payment options

    Payment for your membership is possible via PayPal. You can for instance pay with your credit card.

    Below right you will find the paypal buttons for every membership. Click on the button of the membership you want and follow the instructions on the paypal site.

    Payment via bank is also possible (details in the box on the right). You have to be logged in to see the bank account details. Make sure you mention your username and that it is intended for

    Paypal payments

     (via i.e. credit card)
    You can pay by clicking on the appropriate button.
    You have to be logged in to use this.
    But of course you can make a donation any way.

    (Use only for donation)