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This is the start page for tournaments. You can join a tournament or watch the current tournaments and the standings.

If you haven't reached your maximum tournaments yet, you can enter a tournament.
Once 7, 14 or 28 users have entered a tournament it will start automatically with groups of 7 players and 6 board games per user. The maximum time to move is set to 6 days (holidays do apply). But those 6 days are a maximum buffer. For every move you get 1 day added to your buffer time (instead of 6). So you do not have 6 days per move, but 1 day and a buffer of maximum 6 days.

If you are still longer than 7 days on holiday and the tournament is ready to start, you will be removed from it.

Watch current tournaments:


atoll(12/14 participants)
axio(10/14 participants)
backgammon(11/28 participants)
battleships(6/14 participants)
carcassonne(2/14 participants)
castello(1/7 participants)
castle danger(1/7 participants)
checkers(4/7 participants)
chess(12/14 participants)
connect four(10/14 participants)
crack the code(7/14 participants)
dicegame(0/14 participants)
dipole(2/7 participants)
domino(1/14 participants)
dots and boxes(4/7 participants)
draughts(1/7 participants)
en garde(6/14 participants)
go(1/7 participants)
go-moku(6/7 participants)
halma(4/7 participants)
holomino(3/7 participants)
kahuna(0/7 participants)
lost cities(12/14 participants)
mill(5/7 participants)
minesweeper(5/14 participants)
oware(5/7 participants)
penguin(1/7 participants)
pente(6/7 participants)
pick and pack(2/7 participants)
ponte del diavolo(6/7 participants)
qin(5/7 participants)
reversi(13/14 participants)
robot master(10/14 participants)
rummy(4/14 participants)
safari(9/14 participants)
stacko(0/14 participants)
strategy(5/7 participants)
streetsoccer(7/14 participants)
subulata(5/7 participants)
summy(5/14 participants)
tablut(4/7 participants)
tally ho(2/14 participants)
ur(11/14 participants)
war of the roses(8/14 participants)
wordgame(8/14 participants)
yavalath(7/14 participants)

Final games rummy

Go to tournament 22152 (rummy) rummy20-07-2021final
Go to tournament 22280 (rummy) rummy26-08-2021final
Go to tournament 22341 (rummy) rummy11-09-2021final
Go to tournament 22414 (rummy) rummy28-09-2021final
Go to tournament 22441 (rummy) rummy05-10-2021final
Go to tournament 22465 (rummy) rummy11-10-2021final
Go to tournament 22573 (rummy) rummy02-11-2021final

Semi final games rummy

Go to tournament 22501 (rummy) rummy18-10-2021semi final
Go to tournament 22551 (rummy) rummy29-10-2021semi final
Go to tournament 22594 (rummy) rummy07-11-2021semi final
Go to tournament 22618 (rummy) rummy12-11-2021semi final
Go to tournament 22645 (rummy) rummy19-11-2021semi final
Go to tournament 22672 (rummy) rummy24-11-2021semi final
Go to tournament 22694 (rummy) rummy30-11-2021semi final
Go to tournament 22718 (rummy) rummy04-12-2021semi final
Go to tournament 22766 (rummy) rummy19-12-2021semi final

Quarter final games rummy


Group games rummy

Go to tournament 22736 (rummy) rummy11-12-2021group
Go to tournament 22786 (rummy) rummy24-12-2021group
Go to tournament 22805 (rummy) rummy29-12-2021group
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