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 (Tournament id: 21058)
Name:axio 18 Nov 2020 10:16
Stage:semi final
Explanation:This is the overview of a particular Tournament. If 2 user have the same points. TPR (Tournament Performace Rating) is decisive (the higher the better). If TPR is equal, the deciding factor is the individual rating at the start of the tournament (the lower the better). In case of equal standings after this, the deciding factor is the current rating (the higher the better).

Semi finals

1.lucie12 (1537)220261702
davidmilne (1457)002021537
2.Will_Be (1500)****01536
Mika (1720)****01530

Group overview group 1

1.davidmilne (1457)-02202281658
2.Will_Be (1500)2-2200281651
3.plop (1542)00-222281644
4.gschafertx (1367)000-22261553
5.tokwoop (1558)2200-0261521
6.HierUndJetzt (1875)02002-261468
7.Othella (1384)000000-01000

Group overview group 2

1.Mika (1720)-222222121984
2.lucie12 (1537)0-22222101744
3.The_Burglar (1597)00-222281574
4.Dana (1416)000-22261484
5.donfire (1402)0000-2241367
6.FitzRoy (1511)00000-221189
7.sparkz (1139)000000-0981

Tournament progress