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 (no guarantees!)
To do:
  • Teams and teamcompetitions.
  • Laddercompetitions per game.
  • Tour the site.
  • More games: Attaxx (virus), Tric Trac, Hex, Quarto, Chinese Chess, Froglet, Alquerque, SeaSim, Amazons, Jungle, Lost Cities, 3 Musketeers.
  • Profile: set games you only want to play and set preferences days per move.
  • No time left mail in combination with 1 day games.
  • Battleships and Strategy: save some gameboards.
  • New version overlib javascript popups.
  • Add startdate to plays.
  • Userdelete and vip check fotoalbum limits.

    Dropped, maybe later:
  • Only rating change if there a at least 2 moves made in a game.
  • Personal winstatistics per game per colour (too complex queries).
  • Ships visible at the end of battleships game.
  • Total online time (undeterminable).
  • Under game: move and go to status page (too many buttons).
  • Take back via javascript back.
  • Backgammon doubles etc.
  • Variants of games.
  • Mirroring battleships board at setup.
  • Take back move, save message.