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Rules and info about the board games I

Atoll Rules 
Axio rules 
Backgammon rulespractice
Battleship rulespractice
Carcassonne rules 
Castello rules 
Castle Danger rules
Checkers rulespractice
Chess rulespractice
Connect four rulespractice
Crack the code rulespractice
Dice game rulespractice
Dipole rules
Domino rules 
Dots and boxes rulespractice
Draughts rulespractice
En garde rulespractice
Go rulespractice
Go-moku rulespractice
Halma rulespractice
Holomino rules
Kahuna rules
Lost Cities rules

Rules and info about the board games II

Mill rulespractice
Minesweeper rulespractice
Oware rules
Penguin rules
Pente rulespractice
Pick and Pack rules
Ponte del Diavolo rules 
Qin rules 
Reversi rulespractice
Robot Master rules 
Rummy rulespractice
Safari rules 
Stacko rules 
Strategy rules
Streetsoccer rules
Subulata rules
Summy rules 
Tablut rulespractice
Tally Ho rules
Ur rulespractice
War of the Roses rules
Word game rules
Yavalath rulespractice Admins

 (Admin rules)
If you need any help at or if you want to report something, please ask an Admin. You can recognize admins by the red circles behind their names. If you do not understand a particular board game, you can invite the admin responsible.

  • bram (Overall)
  • Marianne (Wordgame, Rummy, Domino and Overall)
  • How it works

     (the short edition)
    At you don't have to be online when your opponent is, but you play one turn at a time (turnbased). In your overview you will see the board games in which it is your turn. If you have played a move, your opponent can move when he or she comes online. You can play at times that are convenient for you. Most of the time you have more then a day to make your move.

    To make this happen, we have to remember your board games and your moves, that's why you have to register for this website. You can choose to get an email once a day when it is your turn.

    How do I start a board game

     (short explanation)
    There are several possiblities:
  • You can take a look in the Waiting room whether somebody has posted a board game there.
  • If you want to start a new board game, click New game in the left menu. Choose the board game you want to play and fill in the name of your opponent. If you leave the name of your opponent blank, you will post a board game in the waiting room. After that, click on start game, choose some options if needed and click on start game again.
  • Find an opponent via Users, click on his/her name and then on more details. On the top right you can invite him/her for a board game.
  • Or join an open Tournament against strangers.
  • Tips profile and avatar

    You can edit your own profile via change profile. If you have a motto other people will see it when you challenge them.

    You can have your own avatar as well (image/figure). To put your avatar online you have to go to your forum profile.

    Scroll down until your reach the Avatar panel. You can choose to upload your own, or select one of the available avatars.

    Going on holiday

    If you are going on holiday or if you have no time to be online, you can request a holiday via the link at 'your profile'. During your holiday you will not lose a board game if you have no time remaining for a move. You can go on holiday for a maximum of 30 days.

    Attention: the time remaining for your move is decreasing while your are on holiday, so make sure you request enough time and make a move the day after your holiday.

    Rating formula

    Game end:
    Number board games played:
    Number board games won: (if # games<15)
    Draws: (if # games<15)
    Your rating:
    Opponents' rating:
    Average opponents' rating: (if # games<15)
    New rating:

    TPR formula

    Number board games played:
    Number board games won:
    Average opponents' rating:
    Note: For the average rating of your opponent the ‘knock-out’ rounds count 4 times. For the quarter-finals the number of board games played is 10. The rating of your opponent will count 4 times (4 out of the 10 board games).