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Teams overview:

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This is the start page for Teams on Teams are open for all players. Only vips can be captains of a team and start a new team. A team has to have 10 players to be active

On this page you can find all active teams on and you can also join 1 team. Your membership of a team has to be approved by the captain or the vice captain. You can see new teams on this page and also search for teams that still accept new members.


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New Teams:
- Games4All (open: 25 members)
- Magic (open: 27 members)
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Forum Teams:

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Team info :

Time to moveThe time for a move in a team game is the same as on tournaments. The maximum time to move is set to 6 days. But those 6 days are a maximum buffer. For every move you make 1 day is added to your buffer time (instead of 6). So you do not have 6 days per move, but 1 day and a buffer of maximum 6 days.
Team ratingsTeams do have final ratings and provisional ratings. The ranking formula is the same as for normal games.
Team gamesA team game consists of 6 of the same games. The captain selects 6 players for a game. Every team may start in 3 games, starting players will be determined randomly.
InactiveA player may choose to become inactive for a team. A captain cannot select those players for an open team Game. Inactive players have a * displayed in front of there rank.
Leave a teamA player can leave a team at any time if he/she has no more team games and is not selected for an open team game. To leave a team it is best to first make yourself inactive and then leave the team if all team games are finished.
Team rulesThere are some extra team rules.