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Team rules:

To start up a Team and to keep it
It is not allowed to start up a team and to keep it without doing anything. You cannot keep a team without activitity and without running games. The following rules apply:
  1. If a team after 2 weeks does not have 10 members, we will inform the captain that if there are not 10 members after 2 more weeks, the team will be closed. A Team captain has in total 4 weeks to get new members via the team forum or during game play.
  2. If there are not 10 members after 4 weeks we will inform the captain that the team members and the captain will be remove from the team. If there are 9 members we will wait a week extra.
  3. If there are 10 members but no games are started, we will inform the captain that if there are no team matches the team will get closed and members removed from the team.
  4. A team without captain will get a warning that if there is no captain within 2 weeks, the team then will get closed and members removed.

Excluding players from team matches is not allowed!
It is not allowed to exclude members from team matches for any reason whatsoever. It is also not allowed to ask a captain of another team to exclude a certain member.
  1. If members are under suspicion of unfair play then you should report that to us and we will investigate, it is not allowed for captains to judge about a member of another team.
  2. If you do not want to play against a certain team member, then do not play against that team.

Recruting members via Forum or PM's
Every team is allowed to place a post in the team forum to promote a team. However there is only 1 topic allowed per team. You can change the subject of the post if it is no longer up to date. You are not allowed to use a post of another team to promote your own team. If you create more then 1 team topic, the latest post will get removed.

It is not allowed to invite players per PM for your team: membership recruitement via PM is not allowed. You can use the team forum or invite players during a game.