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Site rules

It is important to read the site rules of on a regular basis, as they may change over time. If you don't comply with our site rules, may ban you temporarily or permanently! The rules apply to all users of including paying members. If you do not comply with these rules and are banned, we will not reimburse or prolong your membership. The language of this site is English. All public messages should be in English!

The admins and moderators of will try to delete unwanted content from the site as soon as possible. It is however impossible to check every message on the site. By agreeing with our site rules you acknowledge that all messages on this site, the wiki, the forum or the chat, are the opinions and views of the users of the website and not of the webmaster, admin, moderator or owner of (this does not apply to messages posted by admins and moderators). cannot be held responsible for the content of the messages of its users. Whenever you encounter issues you find inappropriate, you can contact us via our contact form. We will then judge the issue and if necessary take measures.

Posting messages that contain obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, or sexual-oriented content is not allowed. If you don't comply with these site rules or other directions of, you can be banned immediately and we may inform your service provider about your behaviour. has the right to delete, edit or move messages of users. We also have the right to close subjects in forums when we find it necessary. Your email address will be used only for confirmation of your account, reminders, and for sending your password (in case you lost it). It will not be disclosed to third parties unless you give permission to do so. In your profile you can indicate whether you want to receive our newsletter. When you indicate this, we may you send emails and newsletters regarding and our activities. Those emails may contain commercial offers (of third parties).

Users may create only one (1) account for personal use. We will check on a regular basis whether there are users with multiple accounts. If you create multiple accounts you will be banned temporarily (and if we catch you several times, you will be banned permanently). You may create only 2 accounts per IP address (PC). By adding more accounts (without our permission), the most recently added accounts will be banned and deleted. On request can delete accounts, but only if that account does not have running board games and/or tournaments. It is not allowed to log in to an account of another users (even if you have the permission of that user). has the right to ban a user at any time when we suspect any kind of abuse of our site or services.

Use of computers, cheating, copying opponent, and rating misuse
It is considered unsporting to use a computer to determine your move. At the championships (see those rules) we monitor this heavily and if we have a strong reason to suspect you, you will be excluded from the championships. For all other board games this can be checked as well. If we repeatedly (after a warning as well) suspect someone of cheating, we can take a range of measures: rating correction, temporary or permanent ban, disallowing access to tournaments, etc. Copying moves of your opponent in duo-games, cross finales, and finales of tournaments or champion games is not allowed. If you do so, you will lose those board games. Every form of cheating where you win a board game not on your own is forbidden. has the right to ban those users or take other actions. Any form of misuse of your rating, like driving up your rating in an abnormal way is not allowed. After a warning you may be banned. This is considered to be the case when you play fast in board games you are winning and play extremely slow in board games you are losing.

Online behaviour
You agree that you are personally responsible for your use of and all communications and actions you take on this website. This means for instance exonerating, its employees or third parties for damages resulting from your online behaviour or any content you have posted online. Online behaviour has to be based on common sense and basic etiquette. You violate our site rules if you (or someone else using your account) act in the following way: posting or sending, promoting, or distributing illegal content. Harassing, threatening, or humiliating other users is not allowed. This means: not disparaging another user, not sending unsolicited messages to other users, not making racist, discriminating, or other (nasty) judgments about race, sexual orientation, beliefs, background, etc. If you don't agree with an opinion of someone, please respond to the subject and not to the person. Distributing or helping to distribute content that is damaging, insulting, racist, vulgar, sexually oriented, or intruding on privacy in any form will not be tolerated. Slander will not be tolerated. Disrupting our chat or in-game messages with vulgar language, cursing or swearing, repeatedly using the same alphanumeric character, posting large images or texts, yelling (excessive use of upper case characters) or flooding (posting same message over and over again) is not allowed. Impersonating other users is not allowed. Hacking attempts or attempts to obtain passwords, private information or other user information are not allowed. Never give your password, personal information or billing information to others. Uploading software or content which you don't have permission to distribute is not allowed. Promoting or encouraging illegal activities such as hacking, copying, or distributing illegal software is not allowed. Uploading files which contain viruses, spyware, adware, or damaging or damaged data is not allowed. Posting messages for any other purpose than personal communication, or posting ads, chain messages, pyramid games or other forms of commercially using are not allowed. Linking to or mentioning commercial sites of competitors of is not allowed. We will remove those links and we may ban users who repeatedly post them. Admins and moderators of may at any time remove or change messages of users. will check messages between users if we suspect any form of abuse or if we need to check an account to see whether that account is permitted according to our site rules. The option to send private messages has to be seen as a form to send a message to an individual and not as a way to send messages we are not allowed to read. If you do not want us to read your messages please do not use our private message system or the in-game messages. Private messages and in-game messages can only be read by superadmins and they are only allowed to be used for their activities on and not for personal or other gain. Everything in our site rules applies to all components of, including: wiki, forum, chat, in-game messages and any other areas of the site. Taking holidays for longer than 30 days (without our permission) is not allowed. There has to be at least one week between two consecutive holidays (totalling more than 30 days).

Paid Memberships offers paid memberships to the users (vip, supervip, or megavip). These memberships last 1 year and do not get prolonged automatically. A few weeks before termination of the paid membership we will send a reminder. We do not reimburse menberships in any way when a user no longer wishes to use the membership. It is NOT allowed to transfer membership time or privileges to another user. If a user has been banned from our site, we do not reimburse the membership, nor prolong it.

Copyrights, trademarks, and ownership
Some of the content and technology available at is owned by and is protected by copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property law. You have no right to copy or download any components of without our explicit permission. Before uploading content to make sure it's allowed or you have a legal right to do so. You are not allowed to copy, publish, change, distribute, show, adapt, or use anything you find on without our explicit permission. Violation of the above will result in a ban and can lead to legal action. When you post or send content (including software) to you give the irrevocable right to use it, quote it, place it, reproduce it, adapt it, distribute it or by any other means disclose the content with or without your name (at our discretion), without any form of compensation or notification.

Commercial activities and unsolicited email
Advertising or announcing goods or services of any kind on is not allowed. Chain messages or pyramid games are not allowed either. You may not use any part of to gather information (including login information) about our users or such use of that information to send unsolicited email; any use for other purposes is not allowed either. You may not use for any commercial gain, whatsoever. Any violation of this rule can result in immediate termination of your account as well as legal action.

Privacy and cookie statement
Please read our Privacy statement for our privacy and cookie policy.