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Rules Yavalath:

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Introduction and objective of the game

Yavalath is a game by Cameron Browne and is played on an empty hexagonal board. Yavalath is a game that has been invented by a computer program. The objective is to make at least 4 stones of your color in a row without making first 3 stones in a row.

Game Play

Starting with white, players take turns placing a stone of their colour in any empty cell on the board. Since the first player has an advantage, the game has a 'pie rule'. On his first move, black may choose to swap colours: either black places a stone on a empty spot and the game continues normally or he clicks on the first white stone, indicating that he wants to swap color and continue as white.

Game End

The player that makes 3 in a row (without making 4 in a row on the same move), loses the game. The player that first makes 4 (or more) in a row, wins the game. You are not allowed to pass. It's a draw when the complete board fills without a winner. Below a game where black has to make 3 in a row to avoid the 4 in a row for white. Black loses.

Below black gets 4 in a row and wins.