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Strategy Rules

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Object of the game

Defeat the army of the opponent by capturing all of his pieces or by capturing the opponent’s flag.

Placement of Pieces

The players place one piece in each square of their half of the board. All squares are to be filled from each end. That is, 8 per row, 3 rows deep. The two middle rows are to be left unoccupied at the start of the game. Click a piece and then on the board where you want to place that piece.

The pieces

The placement of your pieces is not known by the opponent at the beginning of the game. The only way to find out the rank of a piece is by attacking it. If your piece is lower in rank, you will loose that piece, but you will know the rank of the piece of your opponent. Those pieces will stay visible during the game. Your pieces that are known by the opponent can be recognized by the black border around it. Pieces can only move horizontally and vertically and with 1 exception only 1 field per turn. If two pieces attack, the highest piece wins (with a few exceptions), if both ranks are the same, both pieces are taken of the board.

Piece Name Number Description Special quality
Flag 1 If a flag is captured, the game ends. Can be captured by any piece. Is not allowed to move
General 1 Can capture any piece (except the bomb), can be captured by the spy, if the spy is the attacker  
Colonel 1 Can capture any piece except general and bomb, cannot be captured by the spy.  
Major 2 Can capture any piece lower in rank (except the bomb).  
Captain 3 Can capture any piece lower in rank (except the bomb).  
Lieutenant 3 Can capture any piece lower in rank (except the bomb).  
Miner 3 The miner is the only piece capable of capturing bombs. Very useful so be careful with this piece. Can also capture scout and spy (and flag). Can remove bombs
Scout 5 A scout can move in a straight line as far as possible (but cannot pass other pieces/obstacles). Very useful to scout suspicious pieces or to capture the flag. Can also capture the flag and the spy. Can move more then 1 field.
Spy 1 Can capture the general, but only if the spy is the attacker. If the general is attacking the spy, the general wins. Can also capture the flag. Can capture the general.
Bomb 4 Kills every piece that attacks it (except for the miner). It cannot move. Is not allowed to move

The board

Below the board after setup and a few moves.

The fields c4, c5, f4 and f5 are lakes, pieces are not allowed there and scouts cannot jump over lakes.
Known Lieutenant, your opponent does know the rank of this piece.
Unknown Lieutenant, your opponent does not know the rank of this piece.

Last move of your opponent

7 This indicates the value of the captured pieces. Blue is 7 points ahead. A scout is 1 point, miner 2 points, etc. If you hover your mouse over the red or blue dots you can see the captured pieces.

Rules for repetitions

There are 2 rules for repetition.
  • You are only allowed to move 3 times (in a row) between 2 fields.
  • You are not allowed to continuously attack your opponent without giving him an extra move: You have to stop chasing a piece before the same board setting happens again.
  • The first rule is implemented on, the second rule is not. You have to contact an admin if your opponent is breaking this rule.

    Game end

    Strategy ends if:
  • You capture the flag of your opponent: You win
  • You cannot move anymore and your opponent has moveable pieces. You loose!
  • Both players do not have moveable pieces anymore. It is a draw. Author: Vincent de Boer (Vinnie).