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Crack the code rules

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Object of the board game

Crack the code can be compared to Mastermind for 2 players. Each player tries to guess his opponent's code. The first player to guess the code wins the game.

Choose your secret code

The first step of the board game is to choose a secret code which your opponent must try to guess. There are five positions, and you can choose one out of six colours for each position. You may use a colour several times.

After confirming your secret code, you can see it partially covered at the bottom of the board. If both players have chosen their secret code, the guessing phase starts.

Guess the code

Now you must try to guess your opponent's code. After each move, you will get information about it by the white and black pins which will appear next to your guess. A white pin means: the right colour, but on the wrong spot, while a black pin means you have the right colour on the right spot. Of course you don't get to know which pin corresponds to a certain spot! In the position below one of the players just made a guess which has 2 colours on the right spots and 1 on the wrong spot.

End of the board game

The game ends after someone correctly guesses his opponent's secret code; if the first player does so, the second player gets an equalizing turn (so both players get the same number of guesses). You win if you discovered your opponent's code, while your opponent did not. If both players succeed, the board game ends in a draw. If after 12 attempts the board is full while both players still didn't discover the code, the board game is also drawn.

Above the left code is discovered, as indicated by the 5 black pins.