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Rules Kastell-Castello:

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Object of the game

Kastell-Castello is a game by Niek Neuwahl and published by Loquai Holzkunst. Two players jointly build a fortress. Each player tries to skillfully place his elements, so the opponent cannot continue building at his next turn. He will then loose.

The board

The game starts with an empty 8x8 board with 3 trees randomly placed on the board. See below:

The pieces

Each player has 7 different pieces in his own colour (white or black). The pieces are 4 game squares big with 7 difference basic shapes. These shapes are called Tetronimos. See below for the difference pieces:

The game

The players place turn by turn 1 of their remaining pieces on the board (white starts). Pieces cannot be placed over trees or pieces already on the board. The pieces can be rotated. You can select a piece by clicking on the piece and rotate it by clicking it again. If you hover with the mouse over the board you can see if a piece fit and if it fits you can click again to place the piece.

End of the game

The game ends if the player whose turn it is, cannot place any of his remaining pieces anymore. The player that place the last piece, wins the game. See below for a finished game. Black won because the white piece cannot be placed anymore. The same rule applies when both players place all the pieces. The player placing the last piece has won the game.