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Battleships rules

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Object of the board game

The object of battleships is to find out where the ship of your opponent is located. You do this by firing bomb at your opponent. To start the board game, you need to place your boats at sea. You can place it horizontally or vertically, as long as your boats don't touch each other. You can also place your boats diagonally. You have 5 boats:
  • 1 battleship (you need 5 bombs for this)
  • 1 cruiser (4 bombs)
  • 2 frigates (3 bombs)
  • 1 mine sweeper (2 bombs)
At the beginning of the board game, you see this on your screen:

Placing the boats

To start, you select the boat you want to place first. In this example we place the battleship. Next, you decide where you want to place this boat. We chose the horizontal line 8 (click the circle on 8), and the vertical line B. Now you choose how you want to place the boat: from 8B to 4B or from 8B to 8F. To do this, click "down" or "up".

If, by accident, you place the boat wrongly and you want to change, click "again". If all your boats are at the desired place, click "confirm field". When you have placed all your boats, it will look something like this (depending on where you have placed your boats).

When your opponent has finished placing his boats, the board game can begin.

To bomb

You and your opponent can fire in turns. You do this in the following way; 2 play fields are shown. The field above is the piece of sea in which your opponent's boats are. The field below is your piece of sea and the boats are yours. When the opponent hits one of your boats, you will see it on this screen. Bombing is easy, you pick the coordinate that you want to bomb by clicking on the desired circle in the sea. As an example, we used B12. When you have done this, you will see a bomb in the field.

Did you bomb the wrong spot by accident? Click "undo movement". Have you hit the right place? Click "go!". Now you will be able to see whether you hit something or not. If you hit something, the computer will show a red and yellow fireball (B12). If you missed, you will see blue waves in the water (D14). When the opponent fires a bomb, this will be shown in the playfield below. As an example, the opponent has hit your warship (B7).


The player who managed to bomb all the opponent's boat (this means his boats have all sunk), wins the board game.