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Earn free memberships for referring people

 (Wednesday May 10 2006)

We now have a referral system in place. If you lead new players to our site and they register and become vip, you earn points. Your personal referral link is available via 'My overview'. With those points you can buy a vip membership.

You earn 10 points for a vip, 20 for a supervip and 30 for a megavip. This only is in the case when a person becomes vip for the first time. How many referrers and points you have, is visible in your profile. You can use those points for your own vip membership: 10 points is 1 month of vip, 20 points is 1 month supervip and 30 points is 1 month megavip.

If you are extremely successful and have more then 360 points we will payout the amount above 360 points. We only payout to a paypal account! Every point is worth 10 eurocent.

If we detect any fraud or abuse of our system all your points will be deleted and you will get banned from the site.

We have developed some banners as well, you can use those on your own website and link to your referrerlink. Go to If you click on one of these banners, you will get HTML code for a banner with a hyperlink to the registration page with your referral link.


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Comment of *LeoTheLion (11-05-2006, 01:09):
I am in the process of updating my webpage. I plan on doing a lot of changes to it so that it is more interactive and not just a plain old HTML script with some hyperlinks and images tossed in. When looking at the code (I am still learning so bare with me) I noticed a ref # included. Is that reference # my player number here at the site?

In addition to that question, if someone registers a user here from following the link I provide, will that registered user become listed on my profile here, o.r not unless they actually purchase the membership?

Comment of Glorfindel (11-05-2006, 08:45):
That reference number is indeed your player number. If you change it, someone else will get the points icon_wink.gif I do not know the answer to the second question, simply because I haven't tried it. One of the super-admins will know it icon_smile.gif

Comment of bram (11-05-2006, 09:20):
If someone registers, you automatically see them in your profile.

Comment of Glorfindel (12-05-2006, 08:47):
Maybe it is an idea to make a top 10 of referrers in the statistics page? Shouldn't be too much work icon_wink.gif

Comment of wolfie5 (15-05-2006, 11:31):
I think that would be an excellent idea Glorfindel - possibly also a count to see how many people have been added to the site by those who have been referred.
so for example
player x refers 5 people - and from those 5 people 11 newbies also joined - something along those lines perhaps?

Comment of bram (15-05-2006, 13:56):
I have added a section to the statistics page. And in your profile you can see how many people joined the site through your referrer.

Comment of wolfie5 (13-06-2006, 01:23):
Just a question - If a person introduces 3 vips - rather than one month of megavip can the person choose 3 months of vip or 2 months super vip and one month vip?

Comment of bram (15-06-2006, 12:47):
@wolfie, you may choose!

Comment of maibock (21-07-2006, 18:16):
Hi - I was referred here by a post from Boardgamegeek - the person posting the link was Cromaa - hopefully he can get credit.. Enjoying the site! nice work..

Comment of maibock (21-07-2006, 18:18):
my mistake RPardoe posted it first.. hopefully he will get the credit..

Comment of LaMila (29-07-2006, 20:12):
I was referred by palmarge - so being new - how do I officially enter that for her to get credit icon_confused.gif