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More concurrent tournaments possible

 (Monday April 17 2006)

For the next 6 months every membership (including the free one) can start 2 extra concurrent tournaments.

As an addition to the Vip promotion, this has been done to start tournaments more often on

Have fun.


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Comment of Risky (17-04-2006, 22:27):
Nice. I hope we'll get enough players for the first Subulata tournament now. That'd be nice.

Comment of TheBobibird (18-04-2006, 20:37):
Thanks, what if the 6 months are finished before the tournaments are? icon_lol.gif

Comment of bram (18-04-2006, 20:53):
@TheBobibird: you still can finish your games and tournaments.

Comment of ruben (19-04-2006, 00:24):
tx bram icon_smile.gif everyone should buy you a beer at the jijbentdag icon_razz.gif

Comment of hugo92 (30-09-2006, 15:06):
new_smilie_colors1.gif new_olympic1.gif new_smilie_colors1.gif

Comment of florrat (08-12-2006, 22:42):
Since when does 6 months take so long? (I'm not complaining) icon_lol.gif

Comment of AlliumCepa (14-01-2007, 13:03):
Great! Thanks, man. icon_biggrin.gif

Comment of randyvh (28-02-2007, 15:06):
@florrat: i think its better that 6 months is so long..