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 (Friday August 26 2022)

Dear Players,

An inconvenient and sad news: is going to quit in 1 year.

The reason is that the underlying software of the site is outdated and a complete rebuild is needed to keep the site up and running for a long time and due to health reasons Bram Schoonhoven (owner and developer of the site) is not able to do this anymore.

We have always hosted our site with 1 party and that party stopped, so the sites have to move to another hoster. During the run-up to the move we found out that both the php and database version as well as the basic code are very outdated and all the code needs to be reworked to be able to work for a longer period of time. We tried to do that step by step, but came to the conclusion that that was not wise under the circumstances. And therefore we have chosen to stop and to announce this early.

Within a few days we will start removing the possibility to become a VIP and all current VIPs will be made VIP until the end of August 2023. We are going to do our very best to keep the site up and running until August 31, 2023.

We hope for your understanding and would especially like to thank all the players who have been playing here for so long for all the fun and camaraderie.




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Comment of darrell (27-08-2022, 00:21):

Comment of hejkramer (27-08-2022, 08:12):

Comment of Klokkenfestijn (27-08-2022, 17:05):

Comment of tpfnat (28-08-2022, 21:31):

Comment of chigger (29-08-2022, 06:00):

Comment of Holland_Master (29-08-2022, 19:30):

Comment of rorororo (30-08-2022, 02:00):
What a pity icon_cry.gif

Comment of Cati (30-08-2022, 09:05):
icon_surprised.gif How sad! icon_sad.gif icon_cry.gif

Comment of Minja (30-08-2022, 21:48):
Sad news! Wish all the best to Bram, and thanks for all those years!

Comment of Himbie (01-09-2022, 17:10):
Oh Bram, so sad news! All my best wishes for you!

Comment of laumarkie (01-09-2022, 17:53):
Sad news. Thank you for the blessing and enjoyment of this site. Wishing you the best.

Comment of Stormy (01-09-2022, 19:00):
so sorry to hear this. all the best to Bram.

Comment of Brenda (01-09-2022, 22:55):
you have been so generous with this site for so long, I have had great pleasure and good health benefits from it. Thank you so much. I'm glad we have more time left still. And good luck with your own health journey too.

Comment of ernied (03-09-2022, 18:52):

Comment of mrd95 (04-09-2022, 06:26):
I am grateful for many years of enjoyment on this site. Thank you for your efforts on making this available.
Thank you!

Comment of mahtomo (09-09-2022, 19:53):
I am Ottmar/Mathomo one of the admins of, the German partner site of
We decided today that we will continue to run our game site independently with Bram's blessing ( You are cordially invited to join us! We have a number of international players at our site who can cope with the German menus etc. at our site. Give it a try!
Some games are different at our site, some you might miss, but we will offer the wordgame with English dictionary at our site too (but it will take a while).
We will keep you posted!
And at this point also many thanks to Bram for the many years of good cooperation!

Comment of Marianne (10-09-2022, 21:11):
@Mathomo, we wish you a lot of luck and we hope that your plans to continue your site will succeed. goodluck.gif

Comment of mahtomo (12-09-2022, 18:39):
I added a list of the games at here:

Comment of Marianne (12-09-2022, 21:22):

Comment of Nigel1952 (13-09-2022, 17:34):
Big Shame, very sorry, but thank you for your efforts !! goodgame.gif goodgame.gif

Comment of antdos (13-09-2022, 20:45):
Thank you so much for everything, and all the best to all the admins and players here!

Comment of Theadversary (15-09-2022, 10:35):
Oh no! This is so sad... :/ I am very grateful for all the many hours of exciting Caracassone games I've played here, and want to thank the admins for all their work in providing and maintaining this site.

Comment of xnardnkita (16-09-2022, 16:02):
Thank you for this wonderful site. We have gotten a lot of enjoyment from playing the games!!

Comment of marcelom2 (17-09-2022, 13:48):
icon_eek.gif icon_cry.gif goodluck.gif

Comment of mahtomo (17-09-2022, 19:49):
Don't give up, don't be too sad! The German site, which is (more or less) a clone of the English site will continue. There is Carcassone and nearly all the games that you can play here.
Please have look at the forum, where I posted the comparison.
Give it a try!

Comment of stefano (18-09-2022, 10:20):
Just seen this! Sorry that the site is closing. Thanks to Bram and the other organisers for a great and enjoyable experience for, in my case, the last 10 years. Best wishes to Bram and all.

Comment of tuttel (18-09-2022, 14:35):
Hello all. I am tuttel and captain of the team Just for fun on Brettspielnetz. It's a pity that this site will end next year. I had many nice tournaments and team games here.
But you are welcome to come to Brettspielnetz, play there, participate in tournaments or even join my team.
I would be glad if we would meet again on Brettspielnetz and also in my team.

Comment of Palmreader (24-09-2022, 03:06):
Sorry to hear of this decision but understand it is necessary ... this site has been a wonderful source of enjoyment to me for many years ... Thank you for those happy years ... God bless you in your future endeavors ... David Rece

Comment of radarcheryl07 (25-09-2022, 03:36):
icon_sad.gif Sad. This site has given me many enjoyable days and great friends! Thanks to Bram and Marianne. Prayers for good health.

Comment of wolfie5 (25-09-2022, 11:05):
Sad news indeed. I have enjoyed the site - the tournies and been here a long time. Good luck Bram and thanks for the effort you put in to make this site