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New game: Yavalath

 (Monday April 15 2019)

We added a new Game: Yavalath. 

Yavalath is a game by Cameron Browne. The rules are invented by a computer program and are very simple: you need to be the first to have 4 (or more) in a row without creating exactly 3 in a row in a previous turn. 

First read the rules before you start playing this game.



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Comment of MrLarry47 (17-04-2019, 07:24):
four in a line is not the same as four in a row. Am I right?

Comment of MrLarry47 (17-04-2019, 07:35):
When playing "practice" the move list needs to be re-positioned because it is displayed over the board and you can't see the upper and right side of the board as you look at the board.

Comment of krell42 (18-04-2019, 08:22):
it seems to me you need 4 connecting pieces in any direction to win.

Comment of krell42 (18-04-2019, 08:24):
"in a row" in this case, means any pieces lined up in the same orientation, horizontal, or diagonal.

Comment of krell42 (18-04-2019, 08:37):
Yep. played another practice are correct mrlarry...cant see the move made in the upper right quadrant in practice still dumb

Comment of letsgoimmabeast (05-05-2019, 03:21):
hello i am new to the game I need help icon_biggrin.gif

Comment of Daggerheart (12-05-2019, 08:02):
Wow, really nice to add this icon_smile.gif

Comment of Grandpa (11-08-2019, 13:20):
Aaaaaaand, the Rules file is a dead link.

How to get to the practice game?