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Championships 2017

 (Monday October 30 2017)

You now can enter the YourTurnMyTurn 2017 championships. The championship is held for every game on this site and is in fact just a huge tournament with no limits on the amount of players.

The championships are open for all players (even free members). However as a non paying member you can enter only 1 championship. Paying members (vips) can enter more championships, vips: 10, supervips: 20 and megavips can enter into all championships.

Note: championships will only start if a game has at least 14 participants. If we are a few short for a game, we are allowed to add few non-paying members as we see fit.


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Comment of radarcheryl07 (31-10-2017, 03:14):

Comment of Cheyenne (04-11-2017, 12:10):
I salivate and relish the start of these Challenging Games,
and to My Worthy Chess Opponents,
Cheyenne says ... On Guard !!!... Touche !!!

Comment of chippy (01-12-2017, 18:45):
Ik doe graag met dipole . Als 14e

Comment of chippy (02-12-2017, 00:58):
icon_redface.gif sorry i was already in the champiobship

Comment of Sonch1945 (17-02-2018, 22:10):
hi "alert("hi")