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2 new games: Safari and Stacko

 (Thursday June 16 2011)

We added 2 new games: Safari and Stacko.

Safari is a game by Corné van Moorsel who is also the author of Streetsoccer. In Safari you try to take pictures of wildlife. The first photographer that has photographed 10 different animals wins the game. First read the rules before you start playing this fun game.

Stacko is a tower building game. Both player compete in building a tower. The first player that finishes his tower (from big at the bottom and small at the top), wins the round. The player that has the most points over 2 rounds wins the game. Before you start playing, read the rules. Stacko has some similarities with the card game Racko.


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Comment of Claus (17-06-2011, 08:23):
GREAT!! Really fancy those two games at jijbent so happy to see them here too icon_biggrin.gif

Comment of palmarge (26-08-2011, 14:47):
not going to be here if you reead it all