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Championships 2010

 (Wednesday November 3 2010)

You now can enter the YourTurnMyTurn board gaming championships. The championship is held for every game on this site and is in fact just a huge tournament with no limits on the amount of players.

We decided to open up the championship for all players (even free members). However as a non paying member you can enter only 1 championship. Paying members (vips) can enter more championships, vips: 10, supervips: 20 and megavips can enter into all championships.

Note: championships will only start if a game has at least 14 participants. If we are a few short for a game, we are allowed to add few non-paying members as we see fit.

When will the games begin? Schedule championship games 2010.


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Comment of radarcheryl07 (03-11-2010, 15:24):
Great, thanks!

Comment of Lordsea (03-11-2010, 18:03):
beerchug.gif new_ukliam2.gif

Comment of Yneke (03-11-2010, 18:44):

Comment of Jeena (04-11-2010, 01:09):

Comment of sprinter (04-11-2010, 08:46):
goodluck.gif winner.gif

Comment of DarkElf (05-11-2010, 11:20):
goodluck.gif to all

i do not agree whit the non playing members, because i pay for vip for championschips and teams.


Gl to all

Comment of greatwise (15-11-2010, 15:51):
:shock2: :beerchug: :klap: :multi: :onfire: :popcorn: :pray: :yes: :goodluck: to all :thanx: to

Comment of Marianne (04-12-2010, 08:59):
The championship 2010 began today by backgammon and holomino.
Good luck and have fun!

Comment of cena22 (04-02-2011, 22:26):