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New game: Carcassonne the Castle

 (Wednesday August 11 2010)

We added a new game: Carcassonne the Castle. This is a Carcassonne game specially made for 2 players within a city wall so it works well on our site.

Before you start playing make sure you read the rules of Carcassonne the Castle. Contact us if you encounter any bugs.


 (You can respond at the bottom)
Comment of Marianne (11-08-2010, 16:45):
Thank you Bram, for adding this great game also on this site. klap.gif

Comment of jhauser42 (12-08-2010, 15:15):
Very cool addition!

Comment of nancy (12-08-2010, 17:37):
Very nice yes.gif

Comment of dclarke (12-08-2010, 20:52):
Fantastic! One of my faves.

Comment of Larsine (18-08-2010, 12:54):
Absolutely fantastic, I love this game thanx.gif

Comment of Daggerheart (22-08-2010, 23:35):
Wow, two sites for me to be no1! Great! icon_razz.gif

Comment of radarcheryl07 (26-08-2010, 09:54):
Thanks for the addition. Enjoying the game icon_biggrin.gif

Comment of Larsine (26-08-2010, 18:23):
The best thing since sliced bread goodgame.gif

Comment of emulatrix (02-09-2010, 21:08):
I have joined the site because of this game and have not been disappointed. Great Stuff. winner.gif

Comment of MarkJohnson (10-09-2010, 19:10):
I also joined due to this game. (Then I discovered you already had En Garde!)

Comment of BonSol (18-09-2010, 01:17):
The bonus tile that says keep +2, isn't that supposed to give you a bonus of 2 points? I haven't been getting that when I play.

Comment of bram (18-09-2010, 23:11):
@bonsol: no. It makes your keep bigger and if you have the biggest keep at the end of the game you get points for that (largest blank area on the board).

Comment of BonSol (18-09-2010, 23:20):
Oh gotcha! Thanks for the clarification!

Comment of SilverTrain (22-09-2010, 18:25):
In the final scoring, do you get to use two of the same type of incomplete building tiles? For example, if you have two "incomplete tower" tiles, do you get triple the value of your largest incomplete tower?

Comment of treefinger (23-09-2010, 20:50):
no, you score the value of your largest incomplete tower twice (4x the number of tiles).

Comment of CountVonLuckner (14-01-2011, 06:15):
One of my favorites. Thank you! goodgame.gif

Comment of wolfpeach (18-03-2011, 10:10):
I think there's a bug with the scoring on paths. It seems to be inconsistent - sometimes scoring extra points on tiles with "path stoppers", and sometimes not. Has anyone else noticed this?

Aside from this... awesome game - good work!

Comment of Existence (31-07-2011, 05:57):
One of my favorites! icon_biggrin.gif