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2 new games: Domino and Strategy

 (Monday March 22 2010)

We have added 2 new games Domino and Strategy.

Domino is a simple domino game with special rules to create some tactics. It is played in 4 rounds. The player with the least number of penalty points after 4 rounds wins the game.

The rules for Domino can be read here.

Strategy is a variant on the classic board game Stratego. It is played on a smaller board with less pieces.

The rules for Strategy can be read here.


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Comment of gerrit (22-03-2010, 18:55):
I am very glad with this new game ( Domino) I can this use when I am wating on a (chess) move.

Comment of BonSol (22-03-2010, 19:07):
Yay! Will you be adding double 9's and double 12's also?

Comment of rekor (27-03-2010, 07:07):
What about Fives & Threes

Comment of jati555 (27-07-2010, 14:18):
goodluck.gif goodluck.gif wazup

Comment of ruben87 (22-07-2011, 11:36):
Strategy is great!

Comment of brian1 (26-05-2013, 22:14):
This site is the best for playing strategy! I hope the tournament starts soon!