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Rule change Summy (update)

 (Thursday December 3 2009)

The author of Summy requested us to change the rules for Summy. These changes are effectively immediatly for new games as well as running games.

New games get more numbers (7 of each instead of 6), more operators (7 each instead of 6) and more = signs (21 instead of 18).

The rule about parts of sums you lay down as well in other directions is removed. There are no more rules for that.

Update december 14, 2009: small change again, now you have 8 numbers from 0 till 9.


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Comment of Spann (06-12-2009, 00:20):
Hi - I've two simple questions:

Firstly, can you clarify what that last sentence means exactly?

Secondly, what is the author hoping to change/improve about the game by making these alterations to the rules?


Comment of Spann (06-12-2009, 00:43):
Responding to my own nonsense icon_biggrin.gif ,

I've written a post about this and some other thoughts on the summy rules on the summy forum.


Comment of mahmod (16-12-2009, 22:25):
what this is mean (The rule about parts of sums you lay down directions is removed ) ?

Comment of finnsterfran (22-12-2009, 15:22):
I found out today that you can put a sign beside a sign, so I guess that is what 'the rule about parts of sums you lay down directions is removed'.... icon_mad.gif