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2 new games: En Garde and Ponte del Diavolo

 (Wednesday October 14 2009)

We have added 2 new games En Garde and Ponte del Diavolo.

En Garde
En Garde is a game by Reiner Knizia with a Fencing Theme and is published by Ferti games. The game is played in several rounds. The first player to win 5 rounds, wins the game.

The rules can be read here.

Ponte del Diavolo
Ponte del Diavolo is a game by Martin Ebel. This game honors both game designer Alex Randolph and Twixt, one of Randolph's most enduring designs. The players try to create as many islands as they can and connect them with bridges. The original game is played on a 10x10 board, but on it is played on a 12x12 board allowing more tactical options.

Read the rules of Ponte del Diavolo before you start to play.


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Comment of Zugzwang (14-10-2009, 21:09):
Yippee .... I am soooo glad that 12x12 "Ponte" has finally found a home. Absolutely AWESOME game! Thank you very much

Comment of 1926 (17-10-2009, 18:04):
I was really excited about playing “En garde” (I like fencing and Italy has a great tradition in it) but I just finished my first round and I’m very puzzled by the rules. After the initial approach, I made a two-card indirect attack toward my opponent who was forced to retreat. Again I made another two-card indirect attack and forced my opponent to retreat. I made another indirect attack - this time with three cards - and again my opponent was forced to retreat. And I lost the point! What?!? This certainly doesn’t happen in fencing. (It looks like a fun game, though.)

Comment of yoohoo (19-10-2009, 03:44):
Maybe you expelled all your energy attacking and then succumb to exhaustion and lost your point. icon_smile.gif

Comment of 1926 (19-10-2009, 06:02):
I did, but my fencer was still up and he should have received the point. icon_lol.gif

I reread the rules and it seems that the first tie-breaker goes to the fencer that could bring a direct attack AFTER the round is over. That's really strange. The rules seem to reward "what could have happened next" rather that "what actually did happen before." As a spectator I would say that's wrong, but if someone out there is an actual fencer maybe he or she can correct me.

Comment of nycavri (25-10-2009, 05:51):
I've heard this described as a "last second win". The winning touch happens as time expires . . .

Comment of Kennyn (30-10-2009, 01:29):
ponte Rules!!!!

Comment of Daggerheart (06-03-2010, 09:35):
I personally likes this two games most here! Wise choice to add them! icon_biggrin.gif

Comment of jorel (13-12-2010, 00:58):
You were beaten by a last second attack, LSA in en garde slang. The game as played elsewhere would give the win to who used up all cards.The computer here does not consider that the cards are used up, it looks at the cards left in both hands and the distance the lastplayer is from the other player.Whoever has the most cards that enable a direct attack wins. If a tie the player most advanced to center wins.This LSA is entered into when a play is made with one card left.