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Rule change: Castle Danger

 (Tuesday September 30 2008)

Matt Worden, the author of this game has published an update on the rules of Castle danger. We decided to change our rules accordingly.

There are just 2 changes, but they have a significant impact in the game:

  1. The special first player's first turn MP reduction has been removed (it's handled by #2)
  2. A "material advantage cost" rule has been added when adding a new piece to the board. If the player has the same number (or more) of moveable piece as his/her opponent at the start of their turn, then there is a 2 MP cost to adding a new piece. (If they do not add a new piece, then there is no cost.) If the player has fewer pieces, then there is no cost to add a new piece.

These changes should balance the game better. The new rule is in place for all new games (with gamenumber>190507) and can be found in our rule sheet.


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Comment of MattWorden (30-09-2008, 16:27):
Wow -- great & fast work, Bram ... thanks for making the updates! icon_smile.gif

Comment of SilverTrain (02-10-2008, 05:26):
That this new rule will impact the play is not in question, but I am highly skeptical about the fairness and sensibility of it. It would seem to penalize the player who has conducted a better game.

Anyhow, the change says: "The special first player's first turn MP reduction has been removed", but this has not been done. I have just tried to begin three new tournament games, and in each it only allows a total of three moves for the first turn, not the six that would be allowed if the reduction had been removed.

Comment of bram (02-10-2008, 09:30):
Change is now working and only valid for games >191355.

Comment of MattWorden (04-10-2008, 05:19):
Hi SilverTrain ... It's not so much a penalty for playing better as it is a way to dampen momentum swings and to soften the first player's downhill run out of the gate.

If the players are evenly matched, then piece count advantage will swing back and forth, depending mainly on cannon use. If one player is much stronger than the other, this new rule may delay the game end by a turn, if at all.

Play a handful of games under the new rule and let me know if your skepticism is still as strong.

-Matt icon_smile.gif

Comment of SilverTrain (04-10-2008, 08:36):
Hi Matt,

.... Fair enough. I'm playing some games, although it may take a while to notice the effect. However, I am still confused about the actual rule change. After reading, I got the impression that the first player on the first turn) would get six moves, but this is not happening. Perhaps I thought "MP" meant something other than its real intention. Also, I have already been in situations where I (and opponents) were equal in piece number just prior to adding a new piece, but the two moves weren't taken away, so I'm a bit confused about that modification as well.

It's still a fascinating game, but I am undecided as to whether the new rules make it better, or just different. Only time will tell.

Tony G

Comment of papa_bear (04-10-2008, 13:34):
The rule change has been extensively play-tested and is a significant improvement. In fact, Castle Danger is essentially broken without it: first player has a winning advantage from the start of the game. Now first player retains an advantage, but a far less decisive one.

On your first turn as first player, you should get 6 mp unless you enter a new piece, in which case obviously you incur the 2 mp cost for entering a new piece when you already have at least as many pieces as your opponent. So you should get 4 mp if you enter a new piece on your first turn as first player.

Whether the rule has been properly implemented here or not, I don't know. But the rule change itself saves CD, which is great because the game's concept is beautiful.

Comment of MattWorden (04-10-2008, 16:32):
Tony ... I don't think the updated rules are in effect for the latest tournament games (at least they're not for the games I'm playing in the tourney) ... so you'd need to start a new game to see the updated rules -- feel free to challenge me if you'd like.

Comment of cheesey (02-12-2008, 17:55):
im new and im not sure what to do can anyone help?

Comment of cheesey (02-12-2008, 17:56):
:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :roll: :wink: :goodgame: :goodgame: