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Smaller tournaments

 (Wednesday September 24 2008)

Based on feedback of our players we decided to introduce smaller tournaments. For almost all games we now have tournaments of 14 players instead of 28. After 2 poules of 7 players the semi-final is started.

Tournaments should start a lot faster now and we hope it give another positive impuls on the site.


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Comment of rorororo (24-09-2008, 20:36):
Let's hope it works icon_wink.gif

Comment of blueshield11 (25-09-2008, 12:53):
thank you for listening to your players icon_wink.gif

Comment of wccanard (25-09-2008, 14:45):

Kids these days, always in a hurry icon_wink.gif Still, if that's what the people want, well done for giving it to them!

Comment of atlchica (27-09-2008, 13:29):
Thank you for responding to our suggestions!

Comment of june341 (27-09-2008, 17:56):
good idea

Comment of Akanchha (29-09-2008, 10:08):
bad icon_cry.gif

Comment of cathy (04-10-2008, 11:49):

Comment of SilverTrain (05-10-2008, 02:56):
Glad to see the reduction in entry requirement; some games have just a limited few devotees who have had to wait longer for tournaments to begin than those playing the more popular games.

Comment of Takman2k (08-10-2008, 16:56):
Its good that you reduced the size of the tourneys, however and a big HOWEVER, there needs to be a lift on the blocks of tourneys you can join if you have so many. Me being free kept setting up battleships and reversi tourneys hoping that the Wordgame tourneys would be an option again once one or two of them fell off of my screen, but they didnt. If you can get rid of those blocks or loosen them up a bit i can play the games I want to play, for free, like battleship and wordgame, which are currently still blocked for me. Why is it still blocked? cause i have more than 2 of them, but I can join all the reversi tourneys i want, lol, joke! I cant even do dicegames either.

Comment of dclarke (10-10-2008, 05:04):
Excellent change. It was frustrating waiting sometimes a month or more for some tournaments to start.

Comment of wanda (14-10-2008, 11:51):
great!!! icon_biggrin.gif

Comment of lets-go-killers (22-10-2008, 15:08):
do the same at
for the games like halma and stratego

Comment of gamesguru9 (29-11-2008, 22:59):
icon_biggrin.gif But, it devalues all previous tournament wins. Its twice as easy to win now, and for those who still play in 28 player tournaments, its twice as hard to win. Why not go the whole hog and make all tournaments start with 14 players. BETTER still, start with 16 and play best of 5 matches.

Comment of ganna (04-01-2009, 14:28):
icon_biggrin.gif it is good dont have to wait so long to start new tournies

Comment of dianesowden (10-09-2009, 14:48):
I have just started a tourney, while waiting to go away again in November. Lets hope I don't win the group tourney, and have to miss out on the semi-final (some hope)! new_newbie.gif

Comment of p1lky (28-09-2009, 02:59):
Disapointed...It was a big achievement to win a backgammon tournament. It never toom long to get 28 players icon_cry.gif

Comment of vicweast (30-09-2009, 22:23):
The other approach would be to attract new players to the site.

Comment of gene (24-10-2009, 15:04):

Comment of eazylilben (26-06-2010, 20:18):
hay yall hows it going to day

Comment of eazylilben (26-06-2010, 20:20):