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New game online: Penguin (Hey! that's my Fish!).

 (Friday August 3 2007)

We have put a new game online: Penguin (also known as: Hey! that's my fish). Phalanx games has given us their permission.

At the pole your Penguins are jumping from ice floe to ice floe hunting fish. They’re also trying to block other Penguins and secure the best fishing grounds for themselves. The Penguin colony that catches the most fish bythe end of the game wins.

Read the rules here.


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Comment of spearjr (03-08-2007, 18:44):
Very cool. Thanks for adding this. Any plans to allow 3&4 player games?

Comment of Glorfindel (03-08-2007, 19:14):
Nope, the basic systems of YTMT (rating system, tournaments, waiting room) are developed for two-player games only. Also remember that in a 4 player game with a time limit of 3 days, you could be waiting for 9 days to make a new move (and that's without taking holidays into account).

Comment of andy99 (04-08-2007, 01:05):
I thought that fish lived in the sea...not on top of ice floes.Are they flying fish that landed out of water?LOL

Comment of Lindap957 (15-08-2007, 08:13):
cool new game. icon_cool.gif icon_lol.gif

Comment of florrat (23-08-2007, 00:28):
@andy99: That's what they tell you... icon_wink.gif icon_lol.gif

Comment of i7dealer (31-08-2007, 04:06):
This is an awesome game and I'm happy that's been added to the game line up!

Comment of merlin (20-10-2007, 21:34):
It apperas there is an error. The game ends after each side has moved the same number of moves. In other words, you cannot keep going after the opponent has run out of moves. This is incorrect.

Comment of bram (21-10-2007, 19:51):
@merlin: the games plays on if your opponent has no moves left and you have less points, but indeed stops if you have more points. It is not necessary to go on, you already have won.

Comment of ilusnst (08-12-2007, 22:51):
Fun game! Thanks!

The link to Phalanx games at the top of the page is broken. (http:// http// Has "http" twice.

Comment of lilreepa (11-01-2008, 14:24):

Comment of lilreepa (11-01-2008, 14:25):
:goodgame: :goodluck: :wink: :roll: :twisted: :cry: :oops: :P :x :lol: :? :shock: :o :( :D

Comment of flossy (23-01-2008, 20:21):
I like penguins so I like it... icon_razz.gif

Comment of sushi (27-01-2008, 09:53):
do you expect to add "practice" sessions for this game? i would love to try it out but feel more comfortable playing against the computer first to learn how to play. thanks.

Comment of kimbo305 (30-11-2008, 13:28):