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New game: Tally Ho! launched

 (Friday March 9 2007)

We launched a new game: Tally Ho Thanks to 999games and Kosmos for their permission to put this game online. Be sure to read the rules first.


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Comment of TheBobibird (09-03-2007, 13:35):
GGGGGRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! Well done guys!!! icon_lol.gif

Comment of florrat (09-03-2007, 15:50):
Nice icon_smile.gif

Comment of ernied (10-03-2007, 18:33):

Comment of FezAZ (13-03-2007, 19:18):
Thanks! Plays very well.

Comment of alba (18-03-2007, 08:18):
thx icon_biggrin.gif

Comment of Zapmeister (20-03-2007, 04:16):
I'm really enjoying this game. One thing that would be really handy though - a list of the tiles that have been captured (so you can figure out what's left).

Thanks again for this great game (and also Lost Cities).

Comment of bram (20-03-2007, 18:30):
@zapmeister: move your mouse over the blue/brown circles below the board. You will see a popup with that information.

Comment of Zapmeister (20-03-2007, 22:35):
Aha! Thank you!

Comment of flossy (23-01-2008, 20:23):
hunting... well, if it has something to do with that.. I'll go for it. icon_wink.gif

Comment of Platense (21-02-2008, 06:16):
icon_biggrin.gif When I had to play with hunters, they always appear on the board looking at the wrong side!!! icon_rolleyes.gif

Comment of Epsilonindi (11-03-2008, 02:53):
Balance seems to need a tweak, brown almost always wins.