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Improved Tournament joining system

 (Thursday January 25 2007)

We have improved the tournament joining system. The problem was that or the impopular games there almost didn't start any tournament. For those game types we have removed the joining restriction. So even if you have reached your maximum number of allowed tournament, you can still join the tournaments for those game types.

This applies for now on the following game types:

  • checkers
  • chess
  • crack the code
  • dots and boxes
  • draughts
  • go
  • halma
  • mill
  • oware
  • reversi
  • subulata
  • tablut

We will shorten the above list if the number of playing users increases and there is no more need to do this in order to start a tournament of a specific game type.


 (You can respond at the bottom)
Comment of hugo92 (25-01-2007, 15:32):

Comment of dustyrocky (25-01-2007, 15:35):
Perfect yes.gif

Comment of nathalie (25-01-2007, 17:26):
super!! icon_lol.gif

Comment of bachkiesel (26-01-2007, 09:45):
I miss the "Join"-Button for go. Its in your list, but i can't enter. icon_sad.gif

Comment of bram (26-01-2007, 10:41):
@bachkiesel: fixed and I joined for you.

Comment of bachkiesel (26-01-2007, 11:24):
@bram: thanks. icon_smile.gif

Comment of hugo92 (28-01-2007, 19:08):
I have joined all these tournaments icon_razz.gif

Comment of TheTimmy (29-01-2007, 11:28):
I hope you won't get out of moves then icon_razz.gif

Comment of hugo92 (29-01-2007, 15:24):
- Moves left: 118 icon_lol.gif

Comment of DarkOne (31-01-2007, 12:50):
Good idea, bram icon_smile.gif

Comment of Jente (03-02-2007, 13:46):
How many tournaments can I play now besides this "impopulair" ones? I was 4 BG and 1 Lost Cities tournaments playing. I started 1 Crack the code, so that was number 6. Now that one of the BG tournaments is finished I want to sign in for a next one BG, but that's not possible now. Is that correct?

Comment of randyvh (04-02-2007, 14:18):
how much tournaments can you actually play at the same time?

Comment of bram (04-02-2007, 17:44):
you can play 5 tournaments at the same time + unlimited impopular ones.

Comment of Jente (04-02-2007, 18:03):
@Jente, there was a bug, that is fixed now.

Comment of Jente (04-02-2007, 22:31):
thank you Bram icon_lol.gif

Comment of Groeneveld (09-02-2007, 12:17):
idea is good

but it doesn't work
thought that Draughts could finaly begin,
with 1 player missing

is everyboding now leaving,


Comment of Me2lazy (13-02-2007, 04:56):
Im new to the site, but it seems that not many players play here icon_confused.gif

Comment of Me2lazy (14-02-2007, 04:00):
Very new to the site, played for years on another poplar site, anyone wants a player who plays every day plz send invite""""Thanks new_popcornsmiley.gif

Comment of sylvana (31-03-2007, 16:32):
what is the different acutally ???

Comment of towerknight (18-04-2007, 12:12):
I miss the "Join"-Button for go in every game. Its in your list, but i can't enter. icon_confused.gif

Comment of towerknight (19-04-2007, 16:37):
There is still no 'join' button

Comment of trincot (19-06-2007, 16:02):
It probably means you have reached the maximum number of tournaments you can join. In that case no more join buttons appear.

Comment of QueenofTheCube (19-02-2008, 05:31):
I'd like to know if there are any live one on one online backgammon games ?
Please advise
Thanks icon_razz.gif

Comment of Embassy (27-04-2008, 17:03):
chess is now impopular? cool. so thats why i do well here.icon_wink.gif