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New game: wordgame launched

 (Friday October 27 2006)

We launched a new game: Wordgame. It is a bit similar then Scrabble, but has other rules, be sure to read them.

Our word list contains non-capitalized, non-hyphenated English words (around 173.000). Abbreviations and Geographical names are not allowed. We use most of the words contained in a public domain word list. We understand that this word list is different from the official Scrabble word list and some words may be missing or incorrect. However, since the official word list is copyrighted, we have no choice but to use a public domain word list. Since everyone is using the same word list, using this word list is equally fair (or unfair) to everyone.


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Comment of Ercan (27-10-2006, 09:47):
Good news!.. klap.gif

Comment of hugo92 (27-10-2006, 15:33):

Comment of Wishmaster (28-10-2006, 18:14):
Great, I hope the word list will be updated just as good as in the dutch game, then this is a very good game

Comment of Rastaro (29-10-2006, 01:17):
Thanks for this game!! it looks a lot of fun wvwn if it isnt the sme as scrable

Comment of chrzuk (31-10-2006, 12:22):
Fantastic!!! icon_wink.gif

Comment of ingridagnes (19-12-2006, 21:31):
My friend in the USA and my friend in Australia love to play this game. Thanks for honnoring the request. Now I will try to get them also into 'Lost Cities"
Keep up the good work and thank you. loveya.gif

Comment of cath51 (02-01-2007, 17:44):
really enjoyable and a big challenge from other wordgames ....THANKS

Comment of Lindap957 (17-01-2007, 20:09):
icon_lol.gif love the game and I could play it all day long.

Comment of btarlow (29-04-2007, 00:04):
I just love this game, almost to the point where I am addicted to it.......

Comment of Peebee (14-06-2007, 20:45):
I am addicted to the game. It is especially enjoyable for me because I play with my 2 daughters, my granddaughter and my sister all of whom live far away. Thanks.

Comment of flatino (28-08-2007, 19:17):
what's up people? (I'm new here) icon_lol.gif

Comment of flatino (28-08-2007, 19:18):
hellooo icon_question.gif