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New game: dots and boxes

 (Friday July 7 2006)

We have added a new game: dots and boxes to the games playable at

The rules haven't been translated yet, but will follow later.


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Comment of foul_ole_ron (07-07-2006, 10:47):
Thanks, Bram, great!

Comment of bEuwe (07-07-2006, 11:52):
Cool! new_all_coholic.gif

Comment of hugo92 (07-07-2006, 19:23):

Comment of *LeoTheLion (08-07-2006, 12:33):

Comment of foul_ole_ron (09-07-2006, 19:31):
First game is finished icon_wink.gif

Comment of ruben (11-07-2006, 14:49):
very nice icon_smile.gif

Comment of bones43902 (12-07-2006, 01:27):
I love it! icon_biggrin.gif

Comment of Tuddo (03-08-2006, 11:07):
Hello all, I am new to this site, and I am looking for brooklyngirl, but hope you all have fun...

Comment of mook53lhd (10-08-2006, 16:01):
are there rules in eng. if so how do i find them .i have an invitation to play dots & boxes. i played as a kid. but can`t possibly accept without knowing the rules mook53lhd

Comment of foul_ole_ron (10-08-2006, 23:00):
Yes, the rules have been translated. Look under Tips&Tricks icon_wink.gif

Comment of mutleybj (22-08-2006, 16:39):
ahhh, one of the classics!,,and oldie, but a goodie! icon_smile.gif icon_wink.gif

Comment of blackviper55 (28-02-2007, 21:06):
hiya gl