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Top 10 heavy users war of the roses

 (finished games)
- mark-abbott882 games played 
- berlin849 games played 
- Larsine708 games played 
- radarcheryl07529 games played 
- mrd95494 games played 
- Bolsena479 games played 
- mathiouzton363 games played 
- lamart284 games played 
- saire58276 games played 
- Dana240 games played 

Top 10 tournament winners war of the roses

- berlin23 tournament victories 
- gabbaell9 tournament victories 
- lamart6 tournament victories 
- Larsine5 tournament victories 
- Bolsena4 tournament victories 
- mrd954 tournament victories 
- stefano3 tournament victories 
- ThorGunderson3 tournament victories 
- Geog173 tournament victories 
- Golo2 tournament victories 

Forummessages war of the roses

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Games with the most moves

 (current games)
- lanzi - iwilson 56 moves
- mark-abbott - radarcheryl07 54 moves
- Nadec - Larsine 54 moves
- gev_tb - mathiouzton 53 moves
- Nadec - Bolsena 52 moves
- Larsine - iwilson 48 moves
- mathiouzton - iwilson 48 moves
- lanzi - lazyDog 47 moves
- Bolsena - gev_tb 45 moves
- iwilson - Bolsena 43 moves

Recent tournaments war of the roses

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Go to tournament 17612 () war of the roses12-11-2018finished
Go to tournament 17325 () war of the roses15-09-2018finished
Go to tournament 17074 () war of the roses26-07-2018finished
Go to tournament 16760 () war of the roses14-05-2018finished

Recent finished tourn. war of the roses

Go to tournament 18606 (war of the roses) war of the roses21-11-2019berlin
Go to tournament 18272 (war of the roses) war of the roses30-07-2019gev_tb
Go to tournament 17074 (war of the roses) war of the roses20-05-2019Tintero
Go to tournament 17325 (war of the roses) war of the roses02-03-2019berlin
Go to tournament 17612 (war of the roses) war of the roses23-02-2019berlin
Go to tournament 16760 (war of the roses) war of the roses02-12-2018dg_is_fun
Go to tournament 16002 (war of the roses) war of the roses14-08-2018Tintero
Go to tournament 16635 (war of the roses) war of the roses12-08-2018berlin
Go to tournament 16295 (war of the roses) war of the roses20-06-2018gev_tb
Go to tournament 15775 (war of the roses) war of the roses13-04-2018berlin

Top 10 war of the roses ratings

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FAQ war of the roses

Where can I find the rules for War of the roses?
You can find the rules for War of the roses here.