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Top 10 heavy users ponte del diavolo

 (finished games)
- 26FOR1653 games played 
- Penguin316 games played 
- TadeuPinheiro262 games played 
- jimok242 games played 
- Zugzwang241 games played 
- slic209 games played 
- davidmilne204 games played 
- caniveski190 games played 
- treefinger182 games played 
- WithoutPants178 games played 

Top 10 tournament winners ponte del diavolo

- Zugzwang11 tournament victories 
- Mave6 tournament victories 
- tetraedro5 tournament victories 
- WithoutPants5 tournament victories 
- Challenger5 tournament victories 
- jimok4 tournament victories 
- rospont3 tournament victories 
- Chemtox3 tournament victories 
- Raindog3 tournament victories 
- theplayer2 tournament victories 

Forummessages ponte del diavolo

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Games with the most moves

 (current games)
- Mave - davidmilne 31 moves
- davidmilne - TadeuPinheiro 31 moves
- Penguin - davidmilne 31 moves
- 26FOR1 - ringebri 29 moves
- davidmilne - Roadfighter 25 moves
- WithoutPants - davidmilne 20 moves
- 26FOR1 - TadeuPinheiro 17 moves
- NotMyPresident - 26FOR1 8 moves

Recent tournaments ponte del diavolo

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Recent finished tourn. ponte del diavolo

Go to tournament 17414 (ponte del diavolo) ponte del diavolo11-12-2018Roadfighter
Go to tournament 17287 (ponte del diavolo) ponte del diavolo14-10-2018Zugzwang
Go to tournament 17100 (ponte del diavolo) ponte del diavolo24-09-2018Zugzwang
Go to tournament 16881 (ponte del diavolo) ponte del diavolo06-08-2018Mave
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Top 10 ponte del diavolo ratings

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FAQ ponte del diavolo

Where can I find the rules for Ponte del Diavolo?
You can find the rules for Ponte del Diavolo here.