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Top 10 heavy users pick and pack

 (finished games)
- Tintero268 games played 
- ernied236 games played 
- stefano205 games played 
- xnardnkita196 games played 
- IaguyDave165 games played 
- slic134 games played 
- krell42134 games played 
- Flossie130 games played 
- sweetblue130 games played 
- saire58115 games played 

Top 10 tournament winners pick and pack

- stefano7 tournament victories 
- chardir6 tournament victories 
- molnar4 tournament victories 
- Tintero4 tournament victories 
- adamdynris2 tournament victories 
- darrell2 tournament victories 
- tiggers2 tournament victories 
- prpost2 tournament victories 
- the_kid2 tournament victories 
- Batman2 tournament victories 

Forummessages pick and pack

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Games with the most moves

 (current games)
- coolspot - Flossie 11 moves

Recent tournaments pick and pack

Go to tournament 22697 () pick and pack30-11-2021finished
Go to tournament 21411 () pick and pack24-01-2021finished
Go to tournament 20349 () pick and pack21-06-2020finished
Go to tournament 19578 () pick and pack09-01-2020finished
Go to tournament 17873 () pick and pack01-01-2019finished
Go to tournament 17518 () pick and pack25-10-2018finished
Go to tournament 16302 () pick and pack06-02-2018finished
Go to tournament 15311 () pick and pack27-06-2017finished
Go to tournament 15119 () pick and pack10-05-2017finished
Go to tournament 14490 () pick and pack08-12-2016finished

Recent finished tourn. pick and pack

Go to tournament 22697 (pick and pack) pick and pack14-01-2022stefano
Go to tournament 21411 (pick and pack) pick and pack12-04-2021stefano
Go to tournament 20349 (pick and pack) pick and pack30-08-2020darrell
Go to tournament 19578 (pick and pack) pick and pack29-03-2020stefano
Go to tournament 17873 (pick and pack) pick and pack21-05-2019chardir
Go to tournament 17518 (pick and pack) pick and pack25-01-2019slic
Go to tournament 16302 (pick and pack) pick and pack04-05-2018darrell
Go to tournament 15311 (pick and pack) pick and pack23-10-2017stefano
Go to tournament 15119 (pick and pack) pick and pack05-10-2017stefano
Go to tournament 14490 (pick and pack) pick and pack04-04-2017chardir

Top 10 pick and pack ratings

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FAQ pick and pack

Where can I find the rules for Pick and Pack?
You can find the rules for Pick and Pack here.