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Top 10 heavy users dots and boxes

 (finished games)
- kiwibill1126 games played 
- HaagseDammer676 games played 
- nancy488 games played 
- BigGuy99000476 games played 
- Bolsena469 games played 
- xaverius412 games played 
- Nagy398 games played 
- toptal371 games played 
- Diego44347 games played 
- DutchyX324 games played 

Top 10 tournament winners dots and boxes

- Jeena47 tournament victories 
- vlv_g0d_vlv1421 tournament victories 
- Diego4417 tournament victories 
- kiwibill14 tournament victories 
- Chelsea12 tournament victories 
- wccanard12 tournament victories 
- Bolsena8 tournament victories 
- Dirtsa7 tournament victories 
- molnar7 tournament victories 
- Macbi7 tournament victories 

Forummessages dots and boxes

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Games with the most moves

 (current games)
- Bolsena - Mika 12 moves
- Bolsena - Mika 12 moves
- Mika - Bolsena 12 moves
- Mika - Bolsena 12 moves
- NotMyPresident - fish0 11 moves
- cubsfan8868 - CalvinW 2 moves

Recent tournaments dots and boxes

Go to tournament 16987 () dots and boxes07-07-2018final
Go to tournament 16458 () dots and boxes09-03-2018finished
Go to tournament 16010 () dots and boxes04-12-2017finished
Go to tournament 15640 () dots and boxes14-09-2017finished
Go to tournament 15081 () dots and boxes03-05-2017finished
Go to tournament 14708 () dots and boxes02-02-2017finished
Go to tournament 14363 () dots and boxes07-11-2016finished
Go to tournament 13877 () dots and boxes04-07-2016finished
Go to tournament 13658 () dots and boxes06-05-2016finished
Go to tournament 13227 () dots and boxes28-01-2016finished

Recent finished tourn. dots and boxes

Go to tournament 16458 (dots and boxes) dots and boxes12-07-2018WithoutPants
Go to tournament 16010 (dots and boxes) dots and boxes01-03-2018WithoutPants
Go to tournament 15640 (dots and boxes) dots and boxes05-12-2017WithoutPants
Go to tournament 15081 (dots and boxes) dots and boxes11-07-2017Bolsena
Go to tournament 14708 (dots and boxes) dots and boxes26-04-2017Raph
Go to tournament 14363 (dots and boxes) dots and boxes24-01-2017Bolsena
Go to tournament 13658 (dots and boxes) dots and boxes01-09-2016WithoutPants
Go to tournament 13877 (dots and boxes) dots and boxes22-08-2016kiwibill
Go to tournament 13227 (dots and boxes) dots and boxes19-03-2016Bolsena
Go to tournament 12990 (dots and boxes) dots and boxes02-03-2016kiwibill

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