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Top 10 heavy users castello

 (finished games)
- SilverTrain2642 games played 
- krell421015 games played 
- The_Burglar864 games played 
- phoward852 games played 
- treefinger840 games played 
- toptal761 games played 
- hejkramer737 games played 
- WithoutPants635 games played 
- danny910616 games played 
- lextin296604 games played 

Top 10 tournament winners castello

- SilverTrain176 tournament victories 
- krell4214 tournament victories 
- WithoutPants12 tournament victories 
- Lordsea11 tournament victories 
- danny9109 tournament victories 
- 3dshanty77 tournament victories 
- Othella5 tournament victories 
- The_Burglar5 tournament victories 
- luciolemolle4 tournament victories 
- treefinger4 tournament victories 

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Recent tournaments castello

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Recent finished tourn. castello

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FAQ castello

Where can I find the rules for Castello?
You can find the rules for Castello here.