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The game "The hunt" is possible thanks to 999 Games
YourTurnMyTurn.comDeveloped by Jan Willem (jwchess) and Bram (bram) Schoonhoven with help from:
  • Glorfindel: Game applets: Reversi, Dicegame, Crack the code and Tally Ho, analyze applet Oware, Draughts, Penguin and Checkers.
  • Robert: Analyze applets connect four, reversi, go, tablut, go-moku, pente, game applets: connect four, draughts, go-moku.
  • Diadem: Analyze applets dots and boxes, mill, halma and chess.
  • Wander: Javascript: battleships, strategy, reversi.
  • Vinnie: Gamespecific php-code for Go
  • Harumpel:Game applet mill.
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