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The YourTurnMyTurn championships

Welcome at the board gaming championships.

Time per move: You will get a buffer of maximum 6 days, but will get only 1 day per move added to your buffer (same as in the Tournament games).

The start date for the 2016 championships is from 1 december 2016 (2 at a time), registration will stop at 30 november 2016.

Participation is possible for all players. Free players however can only join 1 championship, Vips can participate in a maximum of 10 championships, Supervips in 20 championships and Megavips can participate in all championships. However soms impopular games (marked with a star) a free to join for everyone.

More info

A championship of a game has no maximum of participants. Per game we have different rounds. Every round has groups of a maximum of 7 players. After finishing a round, in any case the numbers 1 and 2 will proceed to the next round (and sometimes also other players to fill up the groups).

If there are 14 players left (numbers 1 and 2), we will start 2 groups of 7 players. Only the numbers 1 and 2 of those groups, will proceed to the semi finals (consisting of 6 games). The winners of the semi finales will proceed to the finales (consisting of 8 games). The winner of the final is the champion of and wins a free vip membership.

More rules in the championship rules

427 different players in the championships 2016.
336 different players in the championships 2015.
348 different players in the championships 2014.
354 different players in the championships 2013.
421 different players in the championships 2012.
486 different players in the championships 2011.
423 different players in the championships 2010.
101 different players in the championships 2009.

Current championships I

Go to championship 296 (checkers 2016) checkers 201604-03-2017semi final 3
Go to championship 301 (dipole 2016) dipole 201604-03-2017final 4
Go to championship 304 (draughts 2016) draughts 201604-03-2017semi final 3
Go to championship 306 (go 2016) go 201625-02-2017round 1
Go to championship 314 (oware 2016) oware 201625-02-2017final 4
Go to championship 325 (streetsoccer 2016) streetsoccer 201611-02-2017final 4
Go to championship 331 (war of the roses 2016) war of the roses 201611-02-2017round 2
Go to championship 329 (tally ho 2016) tally ho 201604-02-2017final 4
Go to championship 330 (ur 2016) ur 201604-02-2017round 2

Current championships II

Go to championship 326 (subulata 2016) subulata 201628-01-2017final 4
Go to championship 321 (rummy 2016) rummy 201607-01-2017final 5
Go to championship 305 (en garde 2016) en garde 201631-12-2016semi final 3
Go to championship 307 (go-moku 2016) go-moku 201631-12-2016final 4
Go to championship 324 (strategy 2016) strategy 201624-12-2016round 2
Go to championship 297 (chess 2016) chess 201603-12-2016semi final 4
Go to championship 262 (go 2015) go 201527-02-2016final 4
Go to championship 281 (strategy 2015) strategy 201526-12-2015semi final 3

Finished championships

Go to championship 317 (ponte del diavolo 2016) ponte del diavolo 201623-10-2017WithoutPants
Go to championship 310 (kahuna 2016) kahuna 201615-10-2017lanzi
Go to championship 316 (pick and pack 2016) pick and pack 201614-10-2017Tintero
Go to championship 300 (dicegame 2016) dicegame 201608-10-2017serb1e
Go to championship 313 (minesweeper 2016) minesweeper 201608-10-2017serb1e
Go to championship 295 (castle danger 2016) castle danger 201607-10-2017SilverTrain
Go to championship 308 (halma 2016) halma 201601-10-2017Espresso
Go to championship 309 (holomino 2016) holomino 201620-09-2017fany
Go to championship 293 (carcassonne 2016) carcassonne 201614-09-2017wynn
Go to championship 333 (penguin 2016) penguin 201602-09-2017chardir

Forum Championships

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