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Rules of the championships

 (2010 - 2013)
Participation in the Championships of is open for all players, with a limit of 1 for free players, 10 for vips and 20 for supervips. You can only participate once per game. There will be a championship for all game types (unless there are less then 14 participants). Participation in the championships means you agree with the rules on this page. Employees and admins of that have access to the database or can access your private data of a game are excluded from winning a prize (at this time, this is Bram and Marianne). To participate in more then 1 championship you need to be a paying member on 1 december. At that date we check if all participants are vip or higher. The registration stops at 30 november, after that every week 2 or 3 championships are started. The order in which the championships will start will be determined by If there are not enough participants for a championship, can decide to fill up the championship with normal (non paying) members.

Playing in Groups.
A championship has no limit in the number of participants. Per game the championship has several rounds. Every round has a number of groups up to 7 players. After a round, the numbers 1 and 2 of a group go to the next round (and also the best numbers 3 (number of groups divided by 3)). As soon as there are 14 players (numbers 1 and 2) 2 groups of 7 players will start. The numbers 1 and 2 of that round will go to the semi finals (with 6 games per semi-final). De winners of the semi final will go to the final (with 8 games per final). The order in the groups will be determined based on the number of points (2 for a win and 1 for a draw). If the number of points are equal, the order is based on the Tournament Performance Rating (TPR), the higher the better. If the TPR is equal the order is based on the individual normal rating at the start of the championship and after that the current rating (the lower the better). The TPR is based on the average rating of the opponents over the championship and the number of points. The TPR can be calculated via the tool on the Tips & Tricks page. The grouping of players in the first round is based on the rating of a player. The player with the highest rating will be added in group 1, the second highest rated player will be added in group 2 and so on. This continues from group 1 to group x and then from group x to group 1. After the first round the grouping is based on the number of points and TPR. The player with the highest points (and TPR) will be added to group 1 and so on.

Use of computer tool and repeating your opponent.
The use of computer tools that determine your move based on computing power and/or AI is not permitted. The use of the analyze applets and opening books (up to a max. of 10 moves) is permitted. Using a database where for every move the best counter move is offerted is also not permitted. If we have sufficient evidence a player is not playing according to these rules, we will ask for an explanation. If we are convinced that our rules are broken, we will exclude the player from the championship. Repeating your opponent in the (semi) finals is also not permitted, if you do so we will declare the game as a loss. Also all other rules of are in place.

Winners and Prizes
The winner of the final wins the Championship. Winners get a free vip membership from There is a maximum of 1 prize per user.