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Game: 1784357  move: 17. resign   6
 nuftie against:
 mzmzmz (atoll)
Championship: Go to championship finished 4

Website of publisher Mark SteerePublisher: Mark Steere Games

Author: Mark Steere

Move list (<< < > >>)
1.e1  e1x  2.g6  c9 
3.c6  c7  4.e5  d5 
5.d2  d3  6.d6  e6 
7.d8  d7  8.c8  f7 
9.d4  c5  10.c4  b5 
11.g7  f9  12.g8  h10 
13.f8  e8  14.g10  g9 
15.e9  d9  16.f10  e4