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Admin rules

On we work with Admins. Admins are volunteers who are extremely involved in, they are the first to contact if you have questions or problems. They are responsible for: familiarize new users, answering questions of users, helping users with games and gamerules, watching the forum. Below you find the rules our Admins have to follow.

  • An admin is responsible for at least 2 games.
  • wants to have a good spread of the admins over the games.
  • An admin may (in principle) not turn down a challenge of a (new) user who want to learn a game he/she is responsible for.
  • An admin has to manage the forums regarding the games he is responsible for (answering questions, change or delete user responses). An admin can also be made responsible for other forums.
  • An admin has to reply to questions of users per mail (contactform).
  • An admin wil get a free Vip account and his/her own email address at
  • The minimum age of an admin is 18 years.
  • An Admin has to behave exemplary. If you have complaints about an admin, please contact us via our contact form. An admin can be changed back to a normal user if we receive multiple complaints (at our judgement).
  • decides who will become an admin. Usually they are players who have a lot of experience online and on
  • An admin has (in principle) to be online at least 1 or 2 hours a day.