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At you can play turn-based classic online board games and modern board games against other players. Your opponent doesn't have to be online. You can invite your friends or look in the waiting room to see whether someone wants to play.

Playing online board games at is free, but you have to register.

Play turn-based online board games like: connect four, chess, go, backgammon, go-moku, pente, checkers, mill (nine men morris), strategy (stratego), halma, dots and boxes, battleships, reversi, streetsoccer, subulata, tablut, dicegame (yahtzee), crack the code (mastermind), wordgame, tally ho, castle danger, penguin, lost cities, dipole, kahuna, rummy (rummikub), pick & pack, holomino, atoll, minesweeper ur, summy, ponte del diavolo, en garde, war of the roses, domino, carcassonne the castle, stacko, safari, castello, robot master and qin.

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- 2 new games: Qin and Robot Master (4 comments)
- Championships 2013 are started. (10 comments)
- Championships 2012 (9 comments)
- New game: Castello (9 comments)
- Championships 2011 (16 comments)
- 2 new games: Safari and Stacko (2 comments)
- Team and Team matches (17 comments)
- Email when it is your turn (7 comments)
- Championships 2010 (9 comments)
- New game: Carcassonne the Castle (18 comments)


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All board games

- atoll
- backgammon
- battleships
- carcassonne
- castello
- castle danger
- checkers
- chess
- connect four
- crack the code
- dicegame
- dipole
- domino
- dots and boxes
- draughts
- en garde
- go
- go-moku
- halma
- holomino
- kahuna
- lost cities
- mill
- minesweeper
- oware
- penguin
- pente
- pick and pack
- ponte del diavolo
- qin
- reversi
- robot master
- rummy
- safari
- stacko
- strategy
- streetsoccer
- subulata
- summy
- tablut
- tally ho
- ur
- war of the roses
- wordgame

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